Alcatel, Westell, 3Com and some other routers use IP to identify themselves on the network. IP address is set by default for these routers on the factory. You can change this address to any IP you want but typically it is not necessary unless you have another device on your network which needs this IP address. To change settings of your router you need to access router IP address. Typically you can access this IP address from your browser. Below are the steps to quickly do it:

  1. Open your browser and enter in the address bar or just navigate to this link:
  2. If you don’t see a router configuration interface you need to make sure that your router is using IP address to identify itself. To do it you need to find out router IP address.
  3. Once you identified your router IP address navigate to it.
  4. Router will prompt you for username and password. Enter this information into corresponding fields.
  5. Press “Submit” or “Login” button to proceed. If login information entered in the previous step is correct you should see router administration interface.

Default router credentials

If you don’t know password and username for your router you should check them in the table below to see if default password will match. Often router default login information is used when setting up the network and default username and password might work.

If you don’t see administration interface on IP address you can quickly check if, or work. These IP addresses are also frequently used as default to identify routers.